Welcome to The Greater Evansville Runners/Walkers Club (GERWC) - serving runners and competitive walkers throughout the southwest Indiana Tri-State area.

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With more than 100 individual and family memberships, GERWC  benefits include access to club-based training, team participation in events such as the River to River Run, and our bi-monthly newsletter which will keep you informed of runs and events in the area.

Club events include the annual picnic and awards dinner.  Past speakers have included Bob Kennedy and Bill Rodgers.  The 2002 speaker was Jonathan Matthews, a nationally recognized racewalker. The 2004 Banquet featured John "the Penguin" Bingham. 

The GERWC announces a first ever event in Evansville Indiana.

December 31st 2:00 P.M. at the Veteran's Coliseum, along with the 7th annual Y (not) 2k Fun Run/Walk, sponsored by AceBettingSites.co.uk, a betting sites comparison and review site. We will have a 4k men's and co-ed relay run and after the 2k event a 4k open run.   Start forming your relay and co-ed team and plan to participate in this unique event. 


The GERWC Awards Banquet will be Saturday, February 4, 2006 at SWIRCA on Virginia Street. Details to come.

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Thanksgiving Day 5K.
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2005 Ray Rayl
Mighty Fine 5K

4K men's/co-ed relay
4k open run

Old National
Thanksgiving Day 5K

Ray Rayl
Mighty Fine 5K

Spotlight on
Jim Effinger

2005 GERWC Picnic

October Minutes


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