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The STEP UP CLUB is a fun running and walking club for kids (grades K-8) organized by the Greater Evansville Runners/Walkers Club sponsored by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana and friends of the Step Up Club.

The STEP UP CLUBS are a number of local running/walking clubs based in schools, churches, and other organizations located in Evansville, IN and the surrounding counties. The directors of the club enable the leader and members of each club to succeed by providing support in the form of instruction, materials, incentive prizes, and group events all free of charge to the clubs. Our goal is to improve the fitness level of our kids by emphasizing running/walking as a fun activity that can be enjoyed now and throughout life.  In addition to fitness, running and walking have been shown to improve self-esteem, academic performance, and energy levels.

Peter Saccone, an elementary teacher from California, has had a successful running/walking program in his school for more than 20 years.  His program has been featured in the Runner’s World Magazine and Pete knows that kids running/walking programs work, “Year after year, the results are the same.  Almost without exception, the youngsters give the challenge we offer them a try and are very successful with it.  They become physically fit, they become better fit academically, emotionally and socially---they build positive feelings about themselves.”

The foundation of the STEP UP CLUB is the local club organized by a STEP UP CLUB LEADER in any organization that would like to start a club.  The local STEP UP CLUB meets with their leader 1-2 times per week for a 30-60 minute training and instruction session.  The children and their leader are encouraged to innovate by planning their club activities, naming their club, and participating in a club that emphasizes fun running/walking and social activities.  The kids are encouraged to continue their running/walking activities at home by using a complementary STEP UP CLUB LOG BOOK to document their adventures. 

The STEP UP CLUBS will receive help along the way from the directors of the program who will provide the following:

           THE STEP UP CLUB CURRICULUM GUIDE- An instructional manual to assist each leader in making his/her club successful. (See Curriculum Guide)

           THE STEP UP CLUB LOG BOOKS- A fun book full of helpful information for the children, as well as log book pages, diary pages, running and walking tips, inspirational quotes, and race log pages. (See Log Books)

           THE STEP UP CLUB INCENTIVE PROGRAM- We will provide the Step Up Club members a series of free awards for achieving mileage goals (See INCENTIVES on side bar).

           THE STEP UP CLUB EVENTS- We plan to have the club members meet yearly for special events like fun run/walks, picnics, cross country run/walks, and trips where all the clubs can meet together for family fun and awards presentations. (See Step Up Club Events and Calendar)

           THE STEP UP CLUB MENTORING PROGRAM- We will provide the leaders with the help of local high school and college track and cross country athletes and coaches. 

If you are interested in starting a club in your school or organization, we are ready to make your club a success.  We are looking for leaders who have a passion for running, walking, and fitness who can communicate their enthusiasm to children.  If you would like to start a club or volunteer with the many STEP UP CLUB activities please contact us at the address or email below.

If you live outside our area, but are interested in this program, we can provide you with a packet of information including a Step Up Club Leader's Guide, Step Up Club Logbook, Incentive List, Application Forms, and more for a reasonable fee. Just write or call the Step Up Club Program Directors using the information below.

Step Up Club Program Directors
Tom and Carol Anderson 
10466 Waterford Place, Newburgh, IN  47630
email:  drtba@evansville.net
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Step Up Club Sponsor
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